organic 3D design

Innovative modeling tools offer new design capabilities
Intuitive approach, allows you to focus on your design ideas
Based on original, state-of-the-art proprietary technologies
Effortless 3D design for both novice and professional users

Curve-based modeling

Simply draw natural free-form curves reflecting your design intent, and Phi automatically and interactively calculates the surfaces.

Top quality surfaces

Phi generates top quality, watertight and smooth surfaces. Ease of modeling is combined with engineering quality, bridging artistic design with precise engineering.

Intuitive design

Intuitive, easy and effortless modeling. Phi enables everyone to freely design and manipulate 3D shapes in a fraction of the time.

Cloud/browser based

Phi is fully on the cloud and runs on web browsers on any platform at interactive speeds.

Real Interoperability

Offers essential interoperability with other CAD systems (and 3D printers) by supporting several standard file formats.