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Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the world of 3D modeling, Phi offers a user-friendly interface and a robust set of tools that can help you bring your vision to life.

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Make the most out of Phi

Shared knowledge

What is Phi?
How to launch Phi within Onshape
Introduction to Phi workflows
My first Phi design: Earbuds
A 5-minute tour around Phi
Phi Teaser
Step-by-step: Ericofon
Signet Ring
Lounge Chair
Introduction to Freeform Design with Phi
Designing the handle of a coffee moka
Flower pot(s)
Racing saddle
Racing saddle: Screenshots
Electric lighter body
Brandy Decanter
Bio-Inspired Robotics Project
Brandy Decanter: Screenshots
Carafes: Screenshots
Kitchenware: Screenshots
Toy Rocket
Toy Rocket: Screenshots
Detergent Bottle
Detergent Bottle: Screenshots
Game Controller: Screenshots
Designing the tail of a dragon comic character
Vintage High-Tech Toy Car by Techademics.xyz
Handle by Parametric Design
Bicycle frame
Bicycle water bottle
Concept train
Motorcycle gas tank
Car hood
Tooth model
Abstract freeform
Stylish light bulb
Designing an SR-71 Blackbird
Bicycle helmet
SR-71 Blackbird
Concept Design Iterations with Phi and Onshape
Designing a wooden pipe
Designing a handheld GPS
Designing a bicycle saddle
Designing a concept car
Designing a freeform speaker
Designing a steam iron
Common Interactions
How do I...?
Add Vertex
Add Edge
Split and Crosshair
Dissolving faces
Flipping faces
Delete objects, Toggle Face Visibility
Fixing objects
Set dimensions with “D”
Set Vertex Coordinates
Selecting Coinciding Vertices
Project edges onto faces
Snap to body
Attach to STL
Pop-in, Pop-out, and Thicken
Copy Body
Copy Edge
Smoothness & continuity
Grid and snapping
Sectional View
How your design work is saved
Reference from Onshape Part Studio
Convert Reference Faces
STL Reference
Crop STL and Reduce STL Resolution
Reference Sketches
Colors and Materials
Help, Search and Feedback
Tutorial 1: Basic interactions and viewing options
Tutorial 2: Edge Design
Tutorial 3: More Viewing Options, Colors and Materials
Tutorial 4: Pop-outs, Holes and Bridges
Tutorial 5: Moving, Scaling and Dimensioning
Tutorial 6: Fixing, Deleting and Dissolving
Tutorial 7: Face and Edge Shapes
Tutorial 8: Smoothness, Continuity and Tangency
Tutorial 9: Mirroring and Symmetries
Tutorial 10: Dimensioning and Precision
Tutorial 11: Multiple Bodies
Tutorial 12: Load, Save, Import and Export
Tutorial 13: Reference Objects and Reference Sketches
Tutorial 14: Settings, Help and Feedback
Tutorial contents
Hot keys
Webinar: Phi Goes Mobile
Webinar of November 23rd, 2021
Webinar of June 23rd, 2021
Onshape Live Phi Presentation
Onshape Partner Spotlight Blog Post
New symmetry and mirror interface
Understanding Phi Edges
Understanding Phi Surfaces
Checking model consistency
Dimensioning and Precision