1. Introducing Phi

Introduction to freeform design with Phi

Phi teaser: Surface modeling reinvented

Onshape Live Phi Presentation

Onshape Partner Spotlight

2. Specific topics

Dimensioning and precision

Importing Models from Onshape

Understanding Phi Edges

Smoothness and Continuity

Understanding Phi Surfaces

From 2D sketch to 3D body

Live update to Onshape

The Rigid Move tool

Working with coordinates


Fairing edges

Creating vanishing edges


Creating a thin slice

Pulling surfaces

3. Step by Step Designs

Designing a wooden pipe

Designing a handheld GPS

Designing a bicycle saddle

Designing a concept car

4. Complete tutorial

Basic interactions and viewing

Edge design

More viewing, colors and materials

Pop-outs, holes and bridges

Moving, scaling and dimensioning

Fixing, dissolving and deleting

Face and edge shapes

Smoothness and continuity

Mirroring and symmetries

Grids and snapping

Multiple bodies

Reference objects and reference sketches

Settings, search and feedback


Load, save, import and export