Vintage High-Tech Toy Car by

Educational project carried out by - STEM/MINT Consulting

Quoting the founder of, Laurent Naegelen, who has been teaching STEM for more than 20 years to students ranging from Junior to Master's Degree:

"When it comes to STEAM education, robotics is the perfect topic as it integrates design, manufacturing, electronics, programming, and more.

After years of teaching robotics to kids from 7 to 23 years old, I wanted to add something else, something appealing to the youngest of my students, but not only.

And I’m deeply convinced that “playing” is the best way to learn in an effective way. So I decided to create a new kind of robot.

Robots that look like cool vintage toys from the outside while integrating high-tech electronics inside. Something you immediately want to play and learn with!

Generating organic and curvy shapes requires a lot of experience and strategy, even using a fantastic tool like Onshape. But Phi3D from Phenometry offers, in my opinion, a unique way to enable students to create non-linear shapes the easy way. I can’t think of a more ergonomic solution to bring robotics aesthetics to the next level."

Please find here a video presenting the designing process:

Please find here the product gallery:

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