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Hot keys


  • Ctrl-drag: Pan

  • Arrows: Rotate 15°

  • F: View all (Fit)

  • Shift-F: View all and rotate to an oblique view

  • Q: Hide vertices

  • W: Hide edges

  • R: Hide faces

  • H: Toggle "Hidden edges" mode

  • Right-click: Pan to center

  • K: Show curvature combes


  • B: Brush select (hold B down and move mouse)

  • A: Select all

  • Shift-A: Deselect all

  • Shift-Click (on face): Select the entire body

  • Shift-Click (on edge): Select a chain of edges


  • Ctrl-Z: Undo

  • Ctrl-Y: Redo

  • Shift-Click (on vertex): Quick set coordinates

  • Shift-hover (edge): Preview equidistant vertices

  • Shift-hover (face): Preview crosshair over faces

  • R, G, B: Crosshair select red, green, or both

  • Shift-drag: Drag perpendicular

  • Delete or Backspace: Delete objects

  • Shift-Delete or Shift-Backspace (edge): Delete edge(s) and any vertices left.

  • Shift-Delete or Shift-Backspace (vertex with 2 edges): Delete vertex, but keep the edge shape as is

  • 2: Delete non-fixed vertices with 2 edges only

  • Shift-2: As in "2", but keep the edge shape as is

  • X: Fix objects (or lock tangent)

  • Shift-X: Unfix objects (or unlock tangent)

  • I: Check model consistency

  • Shift-I: Improve model smoothness

  • Ctrl-C (faces): Create copy

  • Ctrl-C (edges): Form into proportional copies

  • Ctrl-S: Save as Phi file

  • Ctrl-F: Search for a command

  • Esc: Close modals, deselect, abort

Main commands

  • P: Pop-out

  • V: Add vertex

  • Shift-V: Add vertex at middle of edge. Multiple Shift-clicks subdivide more

  • E: Add edge

  • Shift-E: Add straight edge

  • C: Carve

  • Shift-C: Straight line carve

  • V (while drawing) Add vertex

  • D: Quick scale body

  • Shift-D: Scale

  • S: Split face (splitting edges)

  • Shift-S: Split face (at vertices)

  • O: Offset face

  • U: Smooth

  • Shift-U: Smooth without moving vertices

  • Ctrl-Shift-U: Set smoothness strength

  • T: Toggle Tangency mode

  • L: Make edge linear

  • Shift-L: Make edges collinear

  • N: Snap to body

  • Y: Add to Symmetry Set

Rigid move tool

  • M: Show or hide manipulator

  • Shift-move: Move tool without affecting object

  • Shift-scale: Proportional scale

  • G: Switch to global positioning

  • L: Switch to local positioning

  • L (in tangent editing): Align manipulator with tangent.

Reference body editing

  • V: Flip vertical

  • H: Flip horizontal

  • X: Move along X (amount depends on zoom)

  • Y: Move along Y (amount depends on zoom)

  • Z: Move along Z (amount depends on zoom)

  • Shift-X: Move along -X (amount depends on zoom)

  • Shift-Y: Move along -Y (amount depends on zoom)

  • Shift-Z: Move along -Z (amount depends on zoom)

  • Up/down arrows: Scale proportionately

  • 1, Shift-1: Scale along X

  • 2, Shift-2: Scale along Y

  • 3, Shift-3: Scale along Z

  • Delete: Remove body

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